Research, Development, and Support for Environmentally Managed Permanent 
Forests Farms

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About Us


Paul Maurer Founder. BA Philosophy, Cal State University, Northridge. Marketing specialist, International Cooperation.




Román Carlos Ríos Professor, Forest Engineer, Doctoral Studies in Nature Conservation.
Universidad Federal de Parana, Brazil

Curitiba, Parana, Brazil


Andres Camilo Farmer, Farming Coordinator

Maria Soladad, Andresito, Misiones, Argentina


Victor Dos Santos, State Park Ranger,
Falconer, and On Site Field Coordinator

Maria Soledad, Andresito, Misiones, Argentina

The project was born at the chance meeting of people from different countries and backgrounds who all had similar ideas to help the forests, animals, and humanity, especially the poor. 

Our main concept was that if we could develop and demonstrate a plan for the local poor farmers and show how to generate more income by “Permanent Forest Farming” than by conventional “Destructive Forest Farming,” then we could save the rainforest.  We believe local people and businesses would follow our lead and will begin to implement forest saving activities rather than rampant destruction of native forests.

The importance of this task can only be understood with the knowledge that Brazil and Paraguay have destroyed over 90% of all of their semi-deciduous forests plants and animals in the Interior Atlantic Rain Forests. This is equal to an area three times as large as the decimation in the Amazon. Every 4 minutes an area equal to the size of a football stadium is slashed and burned within these standing remnants.  Scholars and most educated people have heard and understand the serious detrimental ramifications of wide spread forest destruction, elimination of plant and animal species, and the negative and potentially threatening weather changes that deforestation is causing to our planet.

The Green Corridor is supposed to provide uninterrupted strands connecting the last 
forests that remain to support remaining animal and plant life.

Since our beginning, we have worked alongside local people, province officials, government entities like Argentina National Parks Administration, Ministry of Ecology from Misiones, Argentina State Park Rangers, and the non-profit organizations Conservation Argentina and Vida Silvestre. The Universidade Federal do Parana in Curitiba, Brazil and the Universidad Nacional de Misiones have assisted us in research and hands on contributions to our plan and activities.

At this time, we ask for your contribution to assist a world plan to save the forests, save the animals, and in reality, save humanity.
  Please Help Save the Rainforest. 
Nathalie Walker
Fundraising Specialist
Washington, DC
Aglae Elizabeth Parra
Program Coordinator
MS. Project Management. Experience Consultant Inter-American Development Bank. Washington, DC

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