Research, Development, and Support for Environmentally Managed Permanent 
Forests Farms

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Our Vision
More communities will be developed while more farmers will follow the initiative on creating permanent forests farms by empowering them with sufficient knowledge on how to manage the rainforests as a sustainable living, preserve their habitat, reforest, while supporting their families and raising their children free of chemicals and pesticides.    

Our Objective 

To provide research, development, and support for environmentally managed permanent forest farms.  This project will uplift the poor, reforest degraded land and restore rare animal and plant habitat. 

Our Goals
  • To conserve and reforest forest fragments, develop sustainable plans with  native plants,  build and run tree nurseries to duplicate plan activities in surrounding areas,  and to create biological “Green Corridors” between protected areas. Rain Forests properly farmed are a source of renewable resources and inspirations, and future opportunities for future generations. A good conscience and common sense must be developed to support the importance of the interconnection of Remaining Forest Fragments that now exist in and around farms and state parks. 
  • To demonstrate this possibility of profitable development in the long term and environmentally sound  use of forest resources by Permanent Forest Farming. There are very few applications similar to our plan that supports the poor, rare animals, and the forests. We must work our plan over the long term with our neighbors to model and duplicate this concept, and to understand as neighbors, the challenges and opportunity we all have farming the Permanent Forest. In this way we will create a pool of cooperative development easily duplicated in other neighboring lands showing and sharing success in our fields and inside our homes.
  • To support the integral development of local communities and eliminate poverty and lack of knowledge within important Buffer areas including those Buffer Zones located between Urugua-i State Park and Forester State Park in Argentina. Currently because of misuse of forest land by very low profit Destructive Forest Farming, these areas are mostly farmed by the poor of the region. To raise the quality of life of our neighbors requires nutritious food, healthcare, education, and adequate employment. Permanent Forest Farming will meet these needs while creating an interdependence with local people within the forests to avoid further resource destruction and promote reforestation activities. 
Project Purpose

Currently in the State of Misiones, rural areas are becoming much more densely populated and 70% of the area is owned by the underprivileged who put very high pressure over these Protected areas. In addition, these local farmers have an extremely low level of education about soils management and advantages of diversification, which in practice quickly results in exhausted soils, deeper poverty, and more deforestation.
The purpose of this project is to manage, work, and demonstrate a profitable, environmental, and integrated cooperative plan that keeps Native Forest Fragments standing, and rebuilds the devastated areas with Permanent Forest Farming, which in the end will connect and form Intact Biological Corridors to support rare animals, plants, and peoples. Activities will educate and elevate the rural people from their poverty level within the Buffer Zones and surrounding areas. Our goal is to become an example and source of information for responsible Permanent Forest Farming, and to assist in the application of this same plan in other rainforest areas to avoid further degradation and destruction of this rare Paranaense forest and other forests worldwide.

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