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 What's going on?
Araucaria Award 2007

For our conservation work in Argentina,  we were awarded the Araucaria 2007 award in "Defense of the Environment for being an outstanding ecological organization that strongly defends the Misiones Ecosystem"

Forests are is operating under Selvas para Siempre an Argentina non-profit organization.

Asamblea de la Asociación Selvas para Siempre      
viernes, 20 de marzo de 2009
Será el 4 de abril, a las 18 horas, en Eldorado.

La Asociación Civil Selvas para Siempre, Personería jurídica Nª A-2.994, convoca a asamblea de asociados y simpatizantes y cuyo orden del día será:

- Memoria y balance.
- Renovación de autoridades de la comisión directiva y revisora de cuentas.
- Cambio de la dirección de la sede social.
La fecha de realización será el sábado 4 de Abril de 2009 en la Galería Paseo de la ciudad, local Nº 9 del km 9 de Eldorado, a las 18 hs.

Forests donated 500 trees to the Yriapu, a Guarani Tribe.

 During 2008 Forests members visited and met with Cacique Ernesto, the Chief of one of the Yryapu tribes in Iguaçu. Their land was not too far away from a main road. A land with few clay and cement houses, one school, a water pump system, Guaraní mothers selling Indian jewelry and wooden animals,  kids showing around about what is left of their hunting traditions  in a non-wild jungle. How do they harvest? Where do they hunt?   

Cacique Ernesto and his assistant Rufino explained that where they are living now was not their land, that they lost about 1000 acres of their rainforest in 2006 they need for survival, about 300 people live in those acres, now they have only 200 hectares to support themselves.

Fabiana Escobar, a professional in ecology who works for Argentina National Parks in the neighboring city of Porto Iguaçu summarized, “The Indians cannot live like their ancestors without lands to cultivate and collect their food and material for their crafts.  They need large intact areas to collect bamboo, vines, and soft woods that they use to make the items that they sell to support themselves.  What is the future of the Yryapu community forced into a small reservation, cemented in by a developed city on one side, and on another side a National Park they cannot gather or hunt from, and squeezed between hotels and a golf course?” 

After several meetings with the Yryapu Chief and elders, we kept hearing their main concern over and over again which was that their loss of forest lands meant the loss of their culture.  Without certain plants and trees available that were routinely used for ceremony and daily life, what little was left of their culture would be lost forever.  We asked which trees they needed, and they gave us a long list.  In June 2008, after seed collection and rearing in our nursery, Forests are Forever delivered 500 of the rare native trees that they asked for which were received warm heartedly.  

Note: The previous Guaraní Indian forest land is now the land of Hilton and other hotels planed to construct their resorts and a golf course. 


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