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Fundraising For a Better Earth
I help you, you help us, we help OUR PLANET!

The first of Its kind Go Green Fundraising.
It has been adapted to be run in Pre-Schools & High Schools, Churches, NGOs, Institutions,
and everyone that would like to help others.

It is our pleasure at Forests are to offer our support in joint fundraising programs. 


 The International Center for Education & Sports (ICES) HAS GONE GREEN
ICES is one of USA's leading providers of After School Educational enrichment programs for Elementary, Middle & High School students. ICES has be an established educational company proudly serving Californian families for over 28 years. Sixty (60) schools in Los Angeles area are participating in our GREEN fundraising

You too can be part of it!

Through our eco-friendly environmental fundraising program you’ll receive a significant percentage share of the profits.  For the “Plant a Tree” fundraising event, the suggested donation is $10.00, and $5.00 per donation will benefit your Group and $5.00 per donation will benefit will plant a rainforest tree.                                                                                         


Also, we offer on-line fundraising which means that any internet donation previous agreement with Forests are Forever during the event period with the Promotion Code will also be split 50/50.  Your school doesn’t have any out of pocket cost, there are no additional charges, and there is no minimum order.                                                                                   


With Forests are Forever program, you'll receive 50% of the profits on a program
that is environmentally eduactional and easy to administer.

"I plant a tree"

If you would like to partner with US, lets do it!

Let's run together a Special Fundraising.

 Do you have a vision like us to help others and our Planet!

Sign your organization up today by filling in the form below and we will provide you with more details to make your next fundraiser one of your most meaningful.

The fundraising coordinator will be contacting your shortly.





Contact Information

Great profit with "NO" investment, Good for the environment,
a first teaching tools for kids, fun and a great price.

Also, we understand the difficulties that our economy and families are facing at the present time and forests are forever will offer 10% of their fundraising share to a person that would like  to work with us, to help others, and save our planet.

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